About Us

We are a small family run business providing mobile toilet hire in Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire and offering a professional service for your special event. Our mobile toilet units are provided with ample toilet rolls, hand gel, water and towels.

Because we are a family business we care about our customers’ personal choice. Toilet requirements are very important at any event and our units are important to us in that the presentation is immaculate!

We also go that extra mile in providing specially decorated toilet and hand rolls for parties and weddings. So when a unit is delivered it is set up and stocked ready for use just when and where you want it!

Situated in a village location a few miles from Loughborough, Leicestershire we are always willing to negotiate delivery collection and servicing times. We will always aim to provide an excellent image.

We started really some years ago when we used to hold charity family fun days with your dog. These days were hard work and hugely successful and we were able to raise thousands each time for cancer charities, air ambulance and others.


We would hire 2 loos and they would arrive the night before the event in a disgusting state and I would have to clean and scrub them the night before the event, by the light of the truck to make sure people could use them. After one such time, we just asked ourselves ‘why don’t we buy one of our own then we know they’re fit to be used’. So we did.

That is partly where our determination came from to provide the best toileting experience during your day out for the whole family. Including those less able and mothers and babies. We want to make the PeeWee experience your best experience.


Mill Cottage,
Wysall Lane
LE12 6UH

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